How do I know you're really giving to charity?
The charity wallet will never be used for anything but giving to charitable causes and all transactions can be audited on the blockchain. In addition, the community will be heavily involved in choosing future causes and verifying transactions.
How can I be sure that it's safe to invest?
We're going beyond best practice to inspire trust in El Bonobo. Apart from in-house security measures, we will be locking the LP tokens for 1 year with a set release schedule. This lock will likely be renewed indefinitely. We won't burn the LP tokens as it would endanger the long-term viability of the project. For example, we will eventually need to move liquidity to ApeSwap version 2, or wish to move some of the liquidity to another exchange. Our smart contract will also undergo a third-party audit, and we will renounce ownership of the smart contract shortly after launch.
Where can I see the token burn transactions?
Our token burns previously used a mechanism that directly reduced the supply without sending transactions to a "dead" address. This was incompatible with the way BscScan calculates Circulating Supply, and we have therefore chosen to move to manual burns. Where appropriate, we will combine these with buy-backs. A total of 65,208,914.584024627 $BONOBO, were burned automatically. Please note that in future, burns will be accurately represented on BscScan, however numbers are updated manually.
Where can I find the token smart contract address?
Our token smart contract address can be found in the Tokenomics section, as well as several other places on our website. Please be aware that scammers often create "impersonator" coins that use the same name and ticker symbol as a legitimate coin. To avoid the risk of losing your funds, always ensure you are using the BONOBO contract address from our website.
Has the El Bonobo smart contract been audited?
Not as yet, but we plan to do so soon after launch. Nonetheless, our team of developers has already run extensive in-house tests to ensure the contract is safe to use.
Why have you chosen to remain anonymous?
At this early stage, we would rather focus all attention on the project and community as a whole. In future, we plan to either do a "team reveal" or recruit members of the community to be a public face of the El Bonobo project.
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